(below are the agreement that a customer signs upon the rental of vehicles)
  1. This vehicle is the property of MATUS CAR RENTAL and is rented to me in good condition. I will return the vehicle in the same condition; with the same equipment that was rented to me. I will be responsible for all damages caused to the vehicle except for the ordinary wear and tear.

  2. A late fee of $40.00 will be charged if the vehicle is delivered within 2 hrs after the agreed time. If it is delivered 2 hrs after the agreed time a full day's rate will be charged.

  3. This vehicle is NOT comprehensively insured and any damage(s) caused by one's negligence must be paid in full by the person renting the vehicle.

  4. No repairs will be made to the vehicle without the express authority of MATUS CAR RENTAL.

  5. In the event of an accident or theft of the vehicle, I will report the matter to the nearest police station or by calling 911 and MATUS CAR RENTAL at 824-2089 or 824-2005 or cell 663-4702.

  6. This vehicle is not allowed outside the country of Belize, unless written permission is obtained from MATUS CAR RENTAL.

  7. MATUS CAR RENTAL will not be responsible for any traffic violations tickets.

  8. I will return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel checked on both the contract and agreement.

  9. A drop off fee will be applied if the vehicle is returned to another location other than the MATUS CAR RENTAL OFFICE in San Ignacio.

  10. I will not use the vehicle for any illegal or improper purpose.

  11. If the vehicle is held by the authorities for whatever reason I (the rentee) shall be responsible to pay MATUS CAR RENTAL for the period, which the vehicle is held.

  12. If the vehicle gets in an accident I (the rentee) will be accountable in regards to the ICB Insurance Third Party Policy.

  13. A security deposit is required when renting a vehicle from MATUS CAR RENTAL; it will be returned if the vehicle is returned in good condition, proper fuel and no damages caused to the vehicle.

  14. I have read and agreed to the terms and conditions of both sides of this agreement